Meet Big

Hi, my name is Big. When I arrived in Prescott, I was hugely pregnant. I had been living on a farm in Canada when I, along with 23 other pregnant mares, was scheduled to be slaughtered. When my human mom caught wind of our impending death, she and her friend worked swiftly to raise more than $20,000 to rescue us. Riding south in a semi-truck, my friends and I were terrified, uncertain of our future. Mercifully, we arrived safely in Prescott—my human mom says she fell in love with me the moment I got off the truck. We were able to give birth at a nice, comfortable ranch with people who cared about us. Because of my past, I have a lot of trust issues and I am very shy, but my demeanor has really improved since I came to Big Horse Ranch. I know I still have to overcome some of my fears, but I am on my way.