Connection, Observation – Prescott VA Domiciliary Veterans – The Power of Equine

The Northern Arizona VA Domiciliary joined the Equine Herd.  Humans and Horses – each one drawn to each other.  Miss Big, Coors Lite, TeAmo, Bailey and Peter all joined up with the 6 Veteran Herd.  Focusing on Observation,  Connection, Courage .  Exploring the Equine/Human Dynamic of “Alert” and “At Ease”.  Survival Skills instilled long before we crawled out of the caves or jumped out of the trees (depending on your point of view).

The Men and Women that joined this Herd will participate in for another 6 weeks.  Exploring, Growing, Healing and supporting their Equine Partners which in turn does the same for themselves.  Thank you for your service and thank you for Joining Up with your new Herd.  A shout-out to Cory and Sue and Paula.  Contact:  Heroes & Horses @ 928 231-2351

Sometimes you need to be your own Hero.