Meet Hey Girl

Hi, my name is Hey Girl. Like several of my equine buddies at Big Horse Ranch, my early days were spent on a farm in Canada that specialized in harvesting pregnant mare urine (PMU) for human pharmaceuticals. It was not a good life for me. Before I was weaned, I was taken from my mother and was turned out with a huge herd. I was left to fend for myself and I learned to be very afraid of humans. The farm decided to close and we were all headed for auction. When they came to take me, I was terrified. Right before I was to be auctioned, I was rescued by my new human parents. When I arrived in Arizona I was covered in manure and filthy from being packed into a trailer filled with other horses. When my new human dad found me in the trailer, he offered me some hay and held my head gently. He was the first human to be kind to me. Now, I live with my old herd mate from Canada, and we have both learned to trust our humans. We have even learned how to get what we want by being very, very sweet. I like to think I am the boss of my herd.