The Horses


The below photos are not in order with our horses’ biographies.  Check your observational skills and see if you can match the horse with his or her history.


My Name is Peter

I was scheduled for slaughter at the age of 3 months! I was taken away from my mother with no warning, & I was so scared. My human Mom stepped up & saved me & 11 of my friends from death. We traveled from Canada to Prescott & were so scared & worried about our future, but we made it safely. I now live at Big Horse Ranch, & all of my 11 friends were adopted to good, safe, forever homes. I have put all of my fears & bad memories behind me & have grown into a big, strong but gentle boy. I just love everyone.

My Name is Big

When I arrived in Prescott, I was pregnant & huge!! I arrived in a semi truck with 23 other pregnant mares. We were all going to slaughter with our babies still inside us, due to be born any day… horrible is that? My Mom and her friend had to raise over $20,000. to save us & bring us down from a PMU farm in Canada.

I was 9 years old & already had 7 babies. All of my babies were slaughtered at the age of 3 months & I was made pregnant again. My friends & I were so scared in the truck, uncertain of our future, but we made it to Prescott safely and were able to give birth at a nice friendly ranch with people who cared about us. My Mom watched me get off the truck & instantly fell in love with me. No more babies for me she says.

I have many trust issues & I am very shy due to my past, but I am so much better since I came to Big Horse Ranch to live. I know I still have to overcome some of my fears, but I am on my way.

My Name is Bailey

Everyone says I am very pretty, but no one wanted me because I have 2 very bad habits. I can’t help it, I just do! My Mom took me in and I have lived at Big Horse Ranch for 7 years now, with my friends. I even have a boyfriend that thinks I am just wonderful, and he is madly in love with me. We eat, sleep and play together. My Mom says I’m a real pain in the ass, but she loves me anyway. She says I am not going anywhere else, I am here to stay forever…. my good and my not so good, she loves me!!

My Name is Stretch

I’m the old lady here at Big Horse Ranch, I’m 30. I used to be very good at roping and barrel racing in my younger days, but my legs finally gave out on me. They say I have outgrown my usefulness. My Mom says that’s BS…..I gave the best years of my life doing what was asked of me, then discarded when I just couldn’t keep up any more. Mom says that’s just not right! So, here I am, very gentle, but do have some trust issues. I was always worked, never really loved, so when my Mom hugs me (and she does that alot) and tells me I am such a good girl, I don’t quite know how to respond. She says I am getting better at acceptance, and I know I am trying. She tells me all life has value, young or old, so I am going to trust her.

My Name is Te Amo

But, my old Mom didn’t love me too much. I stood for years in a pen all alone with no attention at all. My food was thrown on the ground 2x a day and my water was so filthy I couldn’t drink it. My new Mom saw me standing in a corner all depressed. When she heard my story of abandonment and neglect, she took action. She paid my back boarding bills and brought me to Big Horse Ranch to live.

Here I am happy and loved. I still have a bit of an attitude at times, but we are working on it, and it has greatly improved. I even have a bit of a fun personality and it’s starting to show.

My Name is Journey

My mom was kept pregnant so they could harvest her urine to make a hormone replacement drug. I was born & turned out into the herd even before fully weaned. I was lucky because they didn’t send me to the killer’s auction. I never experienced human contact & was terrified during the trip from Canada to Arizona in a trailer packed with other horses. My dad had to lasso me after many hours of me trying to get away. It took a lot of time for me to learn to trust. My mom & dad adopted me when I was 18 months old. They taught me that some humans are kind. Now I feel like a princess & believe in myself.

My Name is Hey Girl

I was born on a PMU farm in Canada ~ I was taken from my mother before I was weaned & turned out with a huge herd. I was left to fend for myself and I learned to be very afraid of humans. The farm decided to close & we were all headed for the auctions. I was terrified when they came to take me . Right before I was to be auctioned my mom & dad adopted me. When I arrived in Arizona I was covered in manure & filthy from being packed into a trailer filled with other horses. When my new Dad found me in the trailer he offered me some hay & held my head gently. He was the first human to be kind to me. I live with my old herd mate from Canada. We have learned to trust our humans. We have even learned how to get what we want by being very very sweet. I am the boss of my herd.

My Name is Coors Light “call me Coors”

My sister & I were a team. We worked, ate, played & slept together. She was my security as she was the serious one. Two years ago, she died of a heart attack, & left me alone. I was so depressed & lonely, I just wandered around looking for her. I have learned to be with other friends now, & have become happy again.