Meet Stretch

Hi, my name is Stretch. At 30 years young, I’m the old lady here at Big Horse Ranch. In my younger days, I was very good at roping and barrel racing but my legs finally gave out on me. Some say I have outgrown my usefulness, but my human mom says that’s malarkey (whatever that means). I gave the best years of my life doing what was asked of me, only to be discarded when I could no longer keep up. My human mom rescued me and here I am, really loving the daily attention, affirmations and adoration I get at the ranch. I am quite gentle, though I do have some trust issues. I was always worked, never really loved, so I’m still learning how to respond to all of this positive attention. My human mom says that all living beings have value, regardless of age, so I am going to trust her. See—I am getting better at acceptance!