Visiting Yellowstone National Park – came upon this incredible site in Jackson, Wyoming.

21ST Century Heroes – ‘Helping Veterans CARVE their way back’

They come from all over the Country to learn carving and create beautiful pieces of art.

To learn more check out: – This is a 501c3 organization.

We exchanged information about the HEROES & HORSES  Program in Arizona.  Please pass it on.

Farewell to a Lost Equine Partner and Friend.  This heartwarming letter of gratitude for a lost partner is sad and beautiful. We lost Stretch to old age just after this woman connected with her.  It was a wonderful opportunity to experience grieving in recovery.  Wanted to share her letter.  Thank you Stretch as you cross the Rainbow Bridge and graze in new pastures.  


Women Veterans – We thank you for your Service.


Veterans-Women that it!

A Closed, Confidential Setting on The Big Horse Ranch.  This program offers Equine Assisted Experiences.  The group sets the agenda we provide the facilitation.  If you have been:

Feeling isolated?   Missing that Comraderie?    Struggles in the Civilian World?

This may be something different to connect with others that have been feeling the same way.  Call for more information Or complete the contact form.  Click on the following to download flyer.     click on:…erans-women-that-is/women-2