Welcome Northern Arizona V.A. Domiciliary – Your Equine Experience has begun!


The Domiciliary is a residential treatment program for up to 120 Veterans who have mental health and vocational goals that can be addressed during a short-term stay, up to 120 days.  Veterans are welcome who are psychiatrically and medically stable and have the skills and abilities to function independently.  Programming is offered at least 4 hours per day.  Veterans present with multiple issues including homelessness, unemployment, addictions and emotional distress.  The Veteran and family is actively involved in treatment and a commitment to change with the goal of discharge to independent housing is emphasized throughout the resident’s stay.  A multidisciplinary team works closely with each Veteran, and the team follows the Recovery Model principles to support patient centered care.
The first session of Equine Assisted Learning/Healing began on Thursday, May 18th, 2017.  Our facilitators met the new “HERD”.  The 8 week program has begun.  The horses are ready and the people are prepped.  Next session everybody meets everybody and the HERD becomes complete.   A new name will emerge and we become a unit.  Humans and Horses learning more about each other and ourselves.  We welcome you.  Thank you Cory, Sue, Paula for believing in the value of this for our Veterans.