<h6>Humans healing <p>with the help of horses.</h6>

Humans healing

with the help of horses.

Serving North Central Arizona

Heroes & Horses


Heroes & Horses, Inc. helps veterans, communities and families build confidence, clarity and connection through equine assisted learning and therapy.



We imagine a world where every veteran, first responder and everyday hero has the tools, resources and support to live an empowered life and make positive contributions to their family and community.


What We Do

Our team of humans + horses provides alternative experiential therapy for heroes—veterans, first responders, everyday heroes and their families—to process and cope with life challenges. Through one-to-one, personal interaction with horses, our Equine Assisted Learning and Equine Assisted Therapy programs address participants’ responses such as disconnection, despondence and depression and restore emotional well-being with the help of the connectedness modeled by horses in the herd dynamic. With the guidance of equine partners and experienced program facilitators, heroes shift their mindset from self-defeated to self-directed.


Who we serve

We serve individuals, families and community seeking increased quality of life. This may include, but is certainly not limited to:

  • Military veterans
  • Active duty military
  • Fire fighters
  • EMTs and paramedics
  • Medical personnel
  • Law enforcement
  • Social workers
  • Therapists
  • Recovery community
  • Coaches
  • Caregivers and hospice workers
  • …as well as their families.

If you work or have worked in one of these professions, we thank you for your service and we acknowledge and honor all you have sacrificed to protect and care for your community. If you live with emotional discomfort, unsuccessful coping methods or an inability to connect with or trust others, our Equine Assisted Learning and Equine Assisted Therapy programs can help you repair your relationships with yourself, your family and your community.


Why horses?

Sharing personal challenges with an equine partner that has experienced trauma, loss or abuse creates a bond that enables personal disclosure with a trusted confidant. For more information on why horses are an excellent partner for learning, healing, connection and de-escalation, visit our blog.


Where we work

Heroes & Horses programs are held at two different ranches in the Prescott Quad Cities area of picturesque northern Arizona, both offering a unique blend of rim country and high desert environments.

Our Herd

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As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Heroes & Horses, Inc. depends on generous financial contributions from individuals, businesses and governmental agencies in order to deliver our impactful programs. Though we do have a fee-for-service structure, many of the heroes in need of our programs do not have the financial means to cover the fee themselves—and we never want to turn away a hero in need. So that we can continue to make the equine experience available for underserved populations, gifts from our generous donors subsidize the program cost. Together with our donors, Heroes & Horses’ humans and herd help the hero help himself/herself.

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